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External Set Top Analog NTSC Cable TV Tuner Box


p/n CATV6

PRICE:  $74.99

Coax To RCA Video Audio Demodulator - External TV Tuner NTSC


This external analog cable TV tuner unit doubles as a video up-converter and switcher. With the advanced video processor built in, this multimedia unit delivers outstanding video quality that surpasses your home TV display.

Simply connect multiple video sources from CATV, DVD/VCR player, Camcorder, Video Game Consoles, Satellite Receiver, Video Camera or PC together thru this unit via RCA composite, S-Video or VGA connections and select the desired input to watch any TV, DVD movies, computer screen or play video games on a desktop monitor, projector or flat panel TV with sharp and clean picture quality.

Great external TV tuner box for all displays. The TV channel or input video channel selections and other function controls can be operated by using the IR remote or the push buttons on the unit.

This device supports multiple video signal inputs from:

  • Coax cable for analog cable TV NTSC system.
  • Satellite receiver or set top box.
  • VCR, dvd players or other media players.
  • Video game consoles such as PlayStation,PS2,PS3,Xbox,Xobx 360 and Wii.
  • Camcorder, security CCTV cams and all other video cameras.
  • AV receivers.
  • All other video devices with composite or s-video outputs>
  • desktop or laptop PC

The operation of this multimedia video switcher unit is 100% hardware operation. No software operation required. Easy cable setup and no software drivers and compatibility issues.

There are manual push buttons on the converter box itself for basic functions like power on/off, video input selection, switching between TV channel and audio volume control. Advanced settings like PIP,POP,Mute,OSD menu and so on are only available through using the supplied remote controller.


Excellent RF Coax Demodulator For CATV, Satellite & CCTV Systems

This is a perfect coax demodulator for those TVs or desktop monitors without coaxial inputs or broken coax terminals. It also works for other RF coaxial sources such as satellite receivers, CCTV surveillance camera system and so on.

After connecting your coax cable into this demodulator and doing the one-time configuration using a VGA display, this RF demodulator will convert modulated RF coax signals or analog cable TV signals into RCA composite video and audio signals for output to any TV, DVR, video recorder, video monitor and so on through the composite RCA terminals. Excellent add-on device for your VCR, DVD player if they do not have tuner inside.

The converted RCA video and audio signals from coax CATV input can also be used for working with video recorders, media servers, A/V receivers or wireless transmitter.

The RF input of this coax to RCA demodulator can also be used for those satellite receivers with modulated TV2 out from DirecTV, Dish Network and FTA satellite for NTSC regions.

Please check the user manual of your satellite receiver first and make sure that the coax output from your satellite set top box can be tuned to channel 3 or channel 4 or other TV channel on a regular TV or contact your satellite TV provider for verification.

Converting From Interlaced Video To Progressive Scan VGA

With the built-in scan line doubler and the special 3D-Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing technology, you can enjoy the sharp image and high-resolution digital display on your big screen TV, home theater projector or computer monitor.

The built-in video processor implements a special scan doubling technique to optimize the conversion process and outputs in progressive scan video formats. The use of extra interlaced fields reduces flicker without reducing resolution and helps minimize jagged edges on angled lines for big screen display and delivers great video clarity and sharpness better than the regular TV sets when using your monitor or  projector for display.

Picture-In-Picture And Channel Preview(POP) Support

This unit allows users to show TV channels or DVD movie together with the computer screen if a PC is connected to this unit. With this PIP feature, you can use the computer and watch TV shows or satellite video on the same VGA screen at the same time so never miss a show or your favorite sports event!

  • PIP Zoom: This function allows PC image as the main screen with a video sub screen inserted. The video sub window can vary in 3 sizes from 1/4, 1/9 & 1/16 of the screen and able to be relocated to anywhere on the computer screen.
  • PIP(Picture-in-Picture) Input: Select the desired input video source to be displayed on the video sub-window on the monitor.
  • POP: This picture-on-picture mode is designed for cable TV channel preview. The channel preview can be set as 3x3 or 4x4 matrix up to 16 channels at a time.

Multimedia Audio/Video Switcher & Video Scaler

This stand alone video converter with built-in NTSC TV tuner help extend your video display like computer monitor, projector, HDTV monitor or all other flat panel to support more A/V inputs/outputs.

This unit supports total of 4 video inputs including Coax input, composite video in, S-Video In and PC VGA In so you can hook up your cable TV coax, VCR/DVD player, camcorder, satellite receiver, video game console and computer together into this unit without switching around cables or unplugging them.

Its video inputs can be up converted and output in selectable VGA resolutions ranging from:

  • 800x600 pixels @60 or 75Hz
  • 1024x768 pixels @60 or 75Hz
  • 1280x720 pixels @60 or 75Hz
  • 1280x1024 pixels @60 or 75 Hz
  • 1440x900 pixels @60Hz or 75 Hz
  • 1600x900 pixels @ 60Hz
  • 1680x1050 pixels @ 60Hz

Easy OSD Menu Operation

When you press the "MENU" button on the remote control, an OSD(On-Screen-Display) menu will pop up with 6 main category icons on the VGA display screen as below. All the selectable functions provided in the OSD menu can be accessed from the remote controller and can only be accessed through the VGA out port:

  • For all related video quality adjustment.
  • Search Function: For scanning available TV channels.
  • Audio Function: For all audio output setup and controls.
  • Setup Function: For all system related setup such as input, display screen mode, output resolution and so on.
  • Time Function: For sleep timer setting.

Advanced Video Enhancement

This unit is also featured with supporting the following setting in the hardware for enhancing the video output picture quality:

  • De-noise: The De-noise filter detects noise in the video and removes it from the picture, greatly increasing the overall quality of your video. Adjust the noise reduction level to match the best performance with your display. There are 4 selections, High/Middle/Low/Off.
  • Peaking: For enhancing the black color level to make the video more vivid. Black level controls clear expression of the dark area. When turning on this parameter, the color black becomes deeper black. This function works effectively when a picture is taken against the sun and the image becomes unimpressive, or when a landscape image becomes grayish, influenced by irregular reflection of air. There are 2 selection, On/Off.
  • GAMMA: 4-Preset gamma correction level available for selection to match the performance of different monitor types. There are 4 selections, LCD/CRT/Bright/Off.


  • Stand alone external NTSC cable TV tuner for regular TV's, HDTV's, projectors or video monitor without TV tuners built in.
  • Great RF coax to RCA composite A/V demodulator for converting the RF coax signals from cable tv outlet , satellite receiver or CCTV surveillance camera system to RCA composite video and audio output for NTSC system use.
  • Excellent video to VGA converter for converting all interlaced video signals into progressive scan VGA type for sharp and clear quality video output.
  • Auto sharpness enhancement with comb filter decoding.
  • Advanced 3D motion adaptive de-interlacer built in to help minimize jagged edges on angled lines for big screen display and delivers great video clarity and sharpness better than the regular TV sets when using your monitor or  projector for display.
  • Selectable 7-level VGA RGBHV output resolutions up to 1680x1050 pixels.
  • Supports PIP mode (Picture-In-Picture) for the benefit of users to watch cable TV or DVD movie from a video sub-window while using computer at the same time.
  • TV video sub-window can be resized and re-positioned to different location on the monitor screen when set at PIP mode.
  • Supports POP mode for cable TV channel preview up to 16 channels at a time in 4x4 matrix.
  • 4 selectable video inputs (RF/Coaxial + composite video + S-Video + PC VGA pass through ).
  • 2 video outputs (VGA + Demodulator output from coax in).
  • Supports SD and widescreen display screen ratio of 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10.
  • Adjustable controls of video color elements for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color temperature and picture modes.
  • Supports video input from NTSC system with automatic video mode detection.
  • Supports most flat panel TFT VGA displays, LCD TV and projectors.
  • Supports stereo audio output.
  • Supports sleep timer function for powering off the unit after a pre-set time interval.
  • Full-function remote controller.
  • Operated by either remote controller provided or manual push buttons on the box.

Video Converter

  • 7-Level VGA Video Output Resolution Settings:
  • 1280x1024 pixels at 60/75 Hz
  • 1440x900 pixels at 60/75 Hz
  • 1600x900 pixels at 60Hz
  • 1680x1050 pixels at 60Hz
  • Video Color Output Adjustment:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Color Saturation
    • Color Hue
    • Color Temperature:
      Normal/Warm/Cold modes.
    • Picture Mode:
      4 available screen picture modes
      (Normal/User/Bright/Soft modes).
  • Video Inputs:
    • RF Input: Coaxial 75Ω for NTSC system only
    • Video Input1: Composite Video
    • Video Input2: S-Video
    • PC Input: D-sub HD-15 Pin Female
  • Video Outputs:
    • VGA output: D-sub HD-15 Pin Female
    • Demodulator output: RCA composite out exclusively from the RF coax input only (Note: PC VGA input and other video inputs will not be converted through this demodulator port)
  • Display Output Screen Ratio:
    • 4:3
    • 16:9
    • 16:10
  • Advanced Video Setting:
    • De-noise: High/Middle/Low/Off
    • Peaking: On/Off
    • GAMMA: LCD/CRT/Bright/Off
  • Audio inputs:
    • Audio Input 1: RCA audio left & right channels
    • Audio Input 2: 3.5 mm mini stereo terminal
  • Audio output:
    • 3.5mm stereo jack or RCA audio left right via mini stereo to 2 RCA adapter (supplied)
  • Dimension: 7.5"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 1.5"(H)
  • Power Supply: 110-240V AC with 5V DC output, 1 Amp

  • Wiring Diagram


    What Is In The Box?

    • Video converter/tuner unit
    • Vertical stand
    • Remote controller
    • 5V DC Power Adapter
    • VGA adapter cable
    • User's manual



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