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How to Install a TV Tuner in Your Car

While TV tuners are most frequently found in minivans and SUV's, they can also be installed in numerous types of cars. If your vehicle did not come already equipped with a TV tuner, you can learn how to install a TV tuner in your car by following a few steps. TV tuners with a drop-down screen are an affordable and stylish way to modify your car's interior and may make long-distance trips for your passengers more enjoyable.

Step Number 1

Determine what type of car TV tuner to purchase. Some brands of TV tuners are only compatible with your car's video system while other brands will only work with the same video system brand. If you do not have an existing video system, purchase one that is compatible with your TV tuner.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 1.jpg

Step Number 2

Use a wrench or appropriately sized socket to disconnect the car battery.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 2.jpg

Step Number 3

Decide on a location to mount the TV tuner. Choose a location where the tuner will not withstand abuse. Two frequently chosen locations include underneath the seat or in the trunk.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 3.jpg

Step Number 4

Use the manufacturer-supplied screws and mounting brackets to install a TV tuner in cars. Follow the directions on the packaging.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 4.jpg

Step Number 5

Connect the TV tuner's power wire to the fuse block, which powers the car battery. The battery acts as the tuner's power source. Connect the power wire to an accessory power output, which is located in the fuse block. If you need help finding the fuse block and accessory power outputs, consult your car's owner's manual.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 5.jpg

Step Number 6

Install the TV tuner's infrared (IR) receiver according to the manufacturer's instructions. The IR remote control needs to have access to the receiver in order to work, so install it in a location that the remote can easily access.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 6.jpg

Step Number 7

Route the audio/video (A/V) cable from the video output port located on the tuner to the video input port located on the monitor. Make sure the A/V cable is plugged in tightly to receive optimal picture and sound quality.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 7.jpg

Step Number 8

Reattach the battery cable. Start up the car, and test the TV tuner. To conduct this test, turn on the video system first. Then turn on the TV tuner with the IR remote. If you are receiving local TV stations, your installation was successful.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 8.jpg

Step Number 9

Route the magnetic pole antenna co-axial cable from the car roof to the antenna input port located on the tuner. Make sure the co-axial cable is plugged in tightly to get optimal reception quality.

Note that most of the cable is attached to the car frame, all along the frame, and it is concealed while the door is closed.

This is a temporary mounting allowing antenna removal. Permanent antenna mounting will require a different cable routing.

Install a TV Tuner in Your Car Step 9.jpg

The information given in this page is for general knowledge only. For detailed information consult the tuner's manual provided by its manufacturer.

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