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VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter

Copy & Content Backup Enabler-Enhancer
Professional Time-Base Digital Video Stabilizer

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Model 5 Stars
Clarifier DVS Pro

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The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter is a backup content enabler with powerful picture enhancement features to prevent artifacts, distortion and error messages.

  • Updated technology for better compatibility with video quality issues
  • Added features for better compatibility with new hardware models
  • Strict quality control to minimize failure
  • Custom or automatic control for ease of use
  • One worldwide (region free) tool to use with both domestic or overseas made VHS and DVDs.

The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter copy and backup content enabler is today's most advanced tool:*

By converting the input signal to digital signal, enhancing it and then converting it back to regular signal It prevents and eliminates sync noise, snow, picture jittering, lines & shapes, color stripes and more. Yet, it offers additional built in features.

Its updated cutting edge technology make it compatible with all recent regular DVD recorders and DVD players introduced to the market. It is Guaranteed to work with all regular DVD recorders and all regular DVD discs!

The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter copy & backup content enabler main features are:

  • Automatic adjustment to any type of artifact or distortion
  • PAL NTSC Compatible: PAL/NTSC Selection Switch
  • Auto or Custom Input Select
  • Enhanced Automatic Tracking Control
  • 110-120V 60Hz Power Adapter (220-240V 50Hz Optional)

Did you know ? The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter is the only video stabilizer with automatic tracking control!

Control track is a synchronizing signal on the edge of the videotape which provides a reference for tracking control and tape speed. Control tracks which are heavy dropouts or which are improperly recorded may cause tracking errors or picture jumps.)

Tracking control issues may be noticed during conversion of commercial VHS onto DVD disks. In most cases the VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter automatic tracking control eliminates the problem.

Country Region:

The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter Time-Base Video Stabilizer comes in one version that works with all domestic North American (region 1) disks AND with disks made in any other country worldwide (regions 2-6). This is a true "One Tool for All Uses".

Where to use? The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter backup enhancer is designed to work in the following analog combinations:

  • Analog VHS > Regular DVD Recorder
  • Analog DVD > Regular DVD Recorder
  • Analog VHS Camcorder > Regular DVD Recorder
  • Regular Video Discs > Regular DVD Recorder

The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter is a very efficient and useful tool to improve the player's video signal. IT will prevent image distortion and artefacts enabling video tapes and DVD disks backup. The adapter is compatible with all analog media and will work with any analog VCR, Camcorder or regular DVD player/recorder. It is very usful if you want to backup VHS (or backup DVDs) from your collection onto DVDs and preserve precious entertainment or personal moments.

* Alert:

    Digital Compatibility - The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter is not compatible with Blu-ray, HD digital discs or any other format of
    digitally encrypted material.

    Computer Compatibility - This product requires video converter to computer RGB format installed on your computer. Contact us for
    more information.

Recording Platform

The VHS to DVD Converter / Adapter is compatible with both DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W media!


  • Video inputs: Composite (RCA connector "yellow") and S-Video connector
  • Video outputs: Composite (RCA connector "yellow") and S-Video connector


The adapter is easy to install: It takes two minutes and does not require software or configuration. It is installed on the video line between the player and the recorder. Additional video cable is supplied in the package to support hassel free installation. Audio file are not encrypted and audio lines should are directly connected from the player to the recorder. A comperhansive installation diagram is available in the user manual.

This illustration shows a possible ultimate configuration that will record from DVD or VHS to DVD or VHS. See here the enhanced user manual.

What's in the package?

In OEM generic box: The adapter, Manual, 1 single RCA cable, AC power adapter

Why should you buy this product? Beware of imitations, the adapter is the backup enabler that works with all types of unstabilized analog video signals. Many other products claim that they work but the do not! These other products are limited in their power to handle many different VHS and DVD qualities because they are factory set to handle only 2 or 3 fixed situations. This product can be custom adjusted to overcome specific VHS condition, or can be switched to auto mode. We have tested this product with Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Philips, and Pioneer dvd recorders, and it has worked fine. We have tested it with the newest dvd movies and it has never failed. With Blank DVD-R discs so cheap these days, this is a must have. This small microprocessor chip is in compact casing with Composite and S-Video outputs. All you do is connect the output into the box, and out of the box into the recording device. It offers excellent picture quality.

  Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have a huge collection of VHS tapes that I want to back up to DVD before they fall apart. When I try to record to my DVDR, it flashes a message that it can't record. Will the adapter help me with my problem?
A: Yes, the adapter will enhance the VHS video signal to enable your DVDR to record your tapes.

Q: If I buy the adapter is that all I need to record my videos?
A: You will need to have a recording device, a VCR, DVD Recorder or Computer DVD authoring system. The adapter is not a recorder.

Q: How is the adapter powered?
A: The adapter is powered by an AC adapter that is included with your purchase.

Q: The adapter is a "Video Stabilizer". What does that mean.
A: This term has been established to describe devices that remove artifacts and distortions. It is not an accurate description of what the device really does. The adapter removes artifacts and distorted signals that can confuse a VCR and make the VCR unstable. For example, the signal coming out of a DVD player is rock solid. If you try to record it on a VCR, you will get an unwatchable "unstable" picture. By removing the distortions and artifacts from the video, the VCR can properly lock on to the signal.

Q: I have some really old video tapes that are almost unwatchable because they are deteriorating with age. Will the adapter fix them up?
A: The adapter can enhance the video signal to some extent but it is a content backup enabler, not a restoration device. It can not fix up a video that is severely degraded. There are special restoration devices designed to improve poor quality tapes.

Q: I have a combo VHS/DVD unit. Will the adapter work with my system?
A: The answer is "yes, but"... You'll have to use a separate playback unit. When you buy a combo unit there is an implication that it will make the process easier. The truth is exactly the opposite. It can make the process difficult or even impossible because there is no way to access the internal circuity and to connect the adapter between the "player" and the "recording" part of the combo.

Q: I have a PC with a DVD burner. Can I use the adapter to record my tapes and DVD's to the DVD burner?
A: Yes, if you have a video digitizer card and DVD authoring software installed on your computer. There are lots of video digitizers on the market. Most of them come with authoring software that is adequate to create DVD's.


The adapter should be used in the domestic USA only: 90 days parts and labour. It does not carry any international warrantee.

Use of this product for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from  DVD, VHS or other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws unless the copy qualifies as a fair use under the Copyright Laws.



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