Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box & Audio Converter Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound

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Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box & 5.1 Audio Converter Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound
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Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box & 5.1 Audio Converter

Control Your Home Theater Components
Convert Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound


Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box & 5.1 Audio Converter Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound
Product: Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box and 5.1 Audio Converter
Price: $63.95

Jaton SC 5.1 Switch Box & 5.1 Audio Converter Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound


Jaton 5.1 AV Switch Box not only is a multiple audio / video source selector that serves your television. It also comes with SRS Lab Circle Surround digital technology, which converts any 2 channel stereo audio signal to 5.1 surround sound audio output. In other words, with Jaton 5.1 AV Switch Box, your VHS, Cable, Satellite TV, CD, LD, DVD players, X-Box, Playstations, and even 2-channel sound card will all be converted into 5.1 surround sound. So you don't need to own a fancy receiver to enjoy the surround sound AV environment.

Plus it comes with a remote control, which allows you to change the volume of front, center, surround speakers, and subwoofer individually to the audio environment that best suits you. It is the easiest with lowest price that you can get to complete your home theatre systems.


The 5.1 AV Switch Box as a multiple audio / video source selector servers to your television. It allows you to quickly and easily select which audio / video source you wish to use, without disconnecting and reconnecting your components.

Once connected, you can switch between components using buttons on the front panel of the Switch Box or by using the Infrared Remote Control that came with your Switch Box unit.

  • Convert stereo audio to 6 speakers surround
  • Independent AV source control
  • Composite Video In/Out only
  • 5.1 channel pre-amp outputs - Require a receiver/amplifier with 5.1 inputs!
  • Source Direct switch bypasses, tone controls and bass management for purest sound quality
  • Switched AC outlet built-in

Easy of use

Switch between components using the front panel buttons or your infrared remote control.


Connect up to 5 components such as Satellite Receivers, DVD players, Laser Disc players, VCRs, Camcorders, Video Games etc. and switch between them in any order. It works with any component having composite connectors. No adapters are required.


Internal amplification minimizes signal loss and balances color for the best possible picture.

Circle Surround

Circle SurroundR ("CS") is a powerful and versatile multichannel decoder capable of delivering up to 5.1 channels of audio from any stereo, matrix encoded or Circle Surround encoded material. The first in the Circle Surround family of technologies, CS incorporates superior steering of surround information and remarkable center channel placement, while maintaining full-range bandwidth in each speaker. With Circle Surround, listeners may now enjoy their 5.1 home entertainment systems with any stereo source material including music on CDs, television programming, cable broadcasts and movies on VHS. It also decodes any matrix encoded material, providing better performance than older systems such as Dolby Pro Logic R. Optimal results can be achieved with playback of Circle Surround encoded source material.

Circle Surround Features:

Backwards Compatibility: Circle Surround delivers up to a 5.1 channel home theater experience from many formats, including stereo, Dolby SurroundR and down-mixed Dolby DigitalR & DTSR. It provides the most accurate decoding of surround material with true center channel dialog isolation and outstanding separation among the rear channels.

Smoother Steering:

CS is designed to immerse listeners in a realistic surround environment. The exceptional steering and channel separation of CS establishes new performance benchmarks for matrix surround decoding. Using patented dual-band technology, CS provides smoother steering between left and right surround channels and from front to rear surround channels compared to alternative technologies. The thrill of this experience can rival discrete 5.1 surround sound formats.

Full bandwidth:

CS playback provides full bandwidth in each channel for outstanding audio quality, which can be experienced from any source via a simple stereo connector.


CS decoding can be easily implemented for a wide variety of product applications including computers, laptops, game consoles, TVs, DVD players or Internet and web devices. Since the 5.1 CS encoded signal can be carried over standard stereo cables or broadcast methods, listeners in all types of environments can now experience breathtaking surround sound from the widest possible variety of sources.


Audio Inputs Ref.Level: -10dBV (47W)
Max.Level: +6dBV (1 kHz,1% distor.)
Video Inputs Composite signal Vp-p=1.0V (75W)
Input Video Source: Camcorder,VCR, TV, Satellite Tuner,CD Rec,Laser Disc Player,DVD/VCD/CD/MP Players,Video Game Console
Input Audio Source: 6 CH Audio Output
2 CH Stereo Audio Output
Video Output: Composite Signal: Vp-p=1.0V (75W)
to: TVset, Video Projector
Audio Output: CS 5.1 (6 CH)
Audio S/N ratio: >90 dB
Audio Freq.resp.: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Distortion: < 0.3% (ref.input,1 kHz)
Power require: AC 120V~, 60 Hz (Orig'l)
Power consump.: 5W (3W standby)
AC Power Outlet: AC 120V~, 60 Hz (Switched)

Buer's Feedback:

I have been searching for a unit like the AV 5.1 Switch box for a long time ,,,,to use with Apple Airport Express.

Add 2 and a half pairs of good powered speakers and the result is quite remarkable to listen to. Excellent Surround reproduction. A steal at three times the price. Add a remote rear speaker trans/receiver for convenience.

Here is what I am using:
  • Akai RPM3 (three units… one for Center and two for rear)
  • M-Audio AV-40
  • Audioegine M1 trans/recieve
  • 5.1 AV-Switchbox
  • Apple Airport express
Please: advertise your AV 5.1 Switch box as a partner for the Apple Airport systems (or like WiFi)...

Many Thanks,

Henry D., Statham, VA - February 19, 2013


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