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p/n CP2E4KS 1×2 HDMI 4K2K Video UP Or Down Scaler.

Ultra HD Television 4K2K A/V Content Processing - Watch Movies In Ultra High Definition (UHD): Upscale Content from Your Favorite TV Channel, Blu-ray Discs and from other HDMI Source to 4K2K UHD Television

Use as:
          • Ultra HD (UHD) Scaler: UP Convert from 1080i/p to 4K2K, or Down conver from 4K2K To 1080i/p.

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US5500 Universal PAL NTSC 2 Way Video Converter,Audio Video Format Converter Upscaler To HDMI or VGA

The US5500 is a universal A/V converter featuring multi input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA and HDMI, to HDMI or VGA. It is a Two Way video system converter: NTSC/PAL or PAL/NTSC, 8-Bit Deep Color and IP ControlHDMI or VGA to HDMI or VGA up-scaler, Universal compatibility: Works in all countries. Compatible with TV Cable Boxes, Satellite Recivers, DVD Players/Recorders with HDMI connection! • Easy to install...
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CVLUX-1080P Standard Definition to Full HD Scaler Box
CVLUX-1080P - Standard Definition CV/SV to HDMI 1.3 SD to Full HD Scaler Box

This scaler Box is designed to display your composite video/S-video images on the HDTV with better viewing resolutions. It can upscale any composite video/s-video's input sources to HDMI output with wide-range resolutions. To continue click here.





CPRO-2E4KS - 1×2 HDMI 4K 2K Video Scaler

The HDMI 4K Scaler is designed to upscale a 1080p@24 Hz signal up to 4K (Ultra HD) or downscale a 4K signal down to 1080p@24 Hz. The device features a single HDMI input and two simultaneous HDMI outputs, a 'Bypass' output and a 'Scaled' output. The Bypass output will always bypass the original signal, while the Scaled output can be set to upscale to 4K, downscale to 1080p@24 Hz or to bypass without scaling. The HDMI 4K 2K Scaler is an ideal solution for integrating a 4K source into a 1080p HD system or vice versa.

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CP12ES - 1×2 HDMI 4K Video Scaler

This 1 by 2 HDMI Scaler is designed to split and scale an HDMI signal, up to 4K Ultra HD/WUXGA (RB), to a wide range of HDTV or PC resolutions (up to 1080p/WUXGA). The device features a single HDMI input and two simultaneous HDMI outputs, a ‘Bypass’ output which maintains the original resolution of the source signal and a ‘Scaled’ output. It is an ideal solution for integrating a 4K source into a wider 1080p HD system while still being able to connect to a local 4K display.

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CSDI-12SR - 1×2 3G-SDI Video Scaler

The 1 by 2 3G-SDI Scaler allows an SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal to be scaled and split to two simultaneous SDI outputs, providing bandwidth up to 2.970 Gbps for 3G-SDI video support allowing the user to distribute and extend their SDI signal. The On-screen Display (OSD) menu can be controlled from the front panel, allowing quick and easy adjustment of all settings.

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