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p/n CP2E4KS 12 HDMI 4K2K Video UP Or Down Scaler.

Ultra HD Television 4K2K A/V Content Processing - Watch Movies In Ultra High Definition (UHD): Upscale Content from Your Favorite TV Channel, Blu-ray Discs and from other HDMI Source to 4K2K UHD Television

Use as:
          • Ultra HD (UHD) Scaler: UP Convert from 1080i/p to 4K2K, or Down conver from 4K2K To 1080i/p.

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p/n US255i Professional digital upscaler converter from analog Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video and HDMI to digital HDMI at 1080p resolution. PAL/NTSC converter. Analog audio to digital audio converter. A switch box.

The professional US255i is a complete up-scaler featuring analog Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video and digital signals upscaling to DVI or HDMI resolutions. It enables you to connect the component output from Cables, Satellite, and DVD players to the HDMI input of HDTV monitors and projectors. The US255i converts PAL to NTSC (or the other way) and analog to digital audio. Requires a TV set with HDMI input... To continue click here.

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US259H HDMI/PAL to HDMI/NTSC converter. (PAL B/G/I compatible)

The US259H is an HDMI to HDMI up-scaler, a perfect solution for converting 50Hz to 60Hz or 60Hz to 50Hz. It connects HDMI video source from a PAL format region to a NTSC region, for example, a European HD source to a USA TV with HDMI input. Excellent video performance. Universal performance - works in all countries Easy to install... Fully compatible with TV Cable Boxes, Satellite Recivers, DVD Players/Recorders featuring HDMI output!
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CVLUX-1080P Standard Definition to Full HD Scaler Box
CVLUX-1080P - Standard Definition CV/SV to HDMI 1.3 SD to Full HD Scaler Box

This scaler Box is designed to display your composite video/S-video images on the HDTV with better viewing resolutions. It can upscale any composite video/s-video's input sources to HDMI output with wide-range resolutions. To continue click here.

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