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Sabrent High Resolution 1680x1050 Cable TV Tuner Box with Picture in Picture, for LCD/CRT/TFT and Plasma Monitors/Projectors, Model: TV-LCDHR. Use almost any LCD Monitor as a TV.

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Part Number: TV-LCDHR


Known Technical Issues:

  • Access to configuration setup menu is available only through VGA connection.
  • Tuner's configuration is lost if disconnected from main power or because of power outage.
  • Default mode is Audio/Video (A/V). There is no remote controller function to select between A/V/PC and TV modes. Selection must be done from inside the setup menu...
  • Very low color depth.

To fix these issues see other items:

  1. CATV5 - No setup required. Self reviving after power outage. VCR like composite RCA terminals.
  2. CATV6 - Highly enhanced video and audio, less technical issues.

Sabrent High Resolution 1680x1050 analog Cable TV Tuner Box with Picture in Picture, for LCD/CRT/TFT and Plasma Monitors/Projectors, Model: TV-LCDHR

Let your monitor do double-duty! This small sleek box can let you watch TV on your CRT/LCD or any VGA Monitors. Enjoy high-quality viewing pleasure with this external TV Box. It allows you to watch TV, or other video devices on your monitor.

Advanced video processor delivers outstanding video quality that surpasses your home TV! As LCD monitors become more popular and their prices drop drastically, it is the best economical alternative to the expensive LCD TVs. Think about making the most use of your pc monitor in the meantime!

The TV-LCDHR Cable TV Tuner box allows you to experience full-screen, high-resolution video entertainment without your desktop. With a built-in TV tuner and various video connections for additional bonus such as a VCD, VCR, DVD, or PS2/X-Box, you will be able to view multi-programs or go wild of the gaming. This TV tuner box perfectly matches with LCD/CRT/TFT & Plasma monitor! Simply plug it into a CRT or LCD monitor, without the need of a computer and you can enjoy watching TV shows right away.

  • Supports resolution up to 1680 x 1050
  • Support all LCD/CRT monitors
  • Plug-N-Play, no software & driver required
  • 3D motion adaptive deinterlace
  • Sleep function (Auto turn-off)
  • Fully functional infra-red remote control
  • For use with Analog Cable TV


  • Stand-alone Plug & Play!
  • No software drivers required
  • No need to open PC Case
  • Support all LCD/CRT.TFT and Plasma Monitor
  • Picture in Picture. (PiP)
  • Full-screen TV display
  • Easily switch video source (TV,AV)
  • Touch button in the front panel
  • Auto-scan air/cable TV channels
  • Progressive Scan
  • 3D motion adaptive deinterlace
  • Support switch able input sources (TV Tuner, S-Video Composite-video, VGA)
  • All Frequency/All Channel scan with channel memorizing function
  • Multiple-frequency output can stabilize pictures with high fidelity and high-resolution.
  • Plug-N-Play, no software & driver required, applicable to all O/S
  • Provide user-friendly OSD (on screen display) to control functions
  • Fully functional infra-red remote control.
  • Remapping function for programming your favorite channels
  • Support Full channels with fine tuning function
  • Brightness/Contrast/Tint/Color/Sharpness adjustment
  • Freq-Scan
  • Free Adjust position of PiP screen
  • 3 PiP Screen Size
  • Support Resolution up to 1680x1050
  • 16:9 Mode Display
  • Support DVD player and PS2 RGB output in high-resolution.
  • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Stereo audio output.
  • Y/Pr/Pr output (Component)
  • PiP Transparent Mode
  • Video-In Composite/S-Video/Component
  • TV-Out Composite/S-VHS/Component
  • Remote Control Ready
  • De-interlace ready (Progressive Display)
  • Multi-Language select
  • Background Audio


  • Model: TV-LCDHR.
  • Input Signal:
    - Coaxial TV antenna input
    - Audio input (R/L)
    - VGA input
    - S-Video input
    - Composite (RCA) video input
    - PC audio input
  • Output Signal:
    - Audio output (Ear phone)
    - Audio output (Speaker)
    - VGA monitor output

Limited Warranty: 90 days from invoice date with Customer is responsible for returning defective products including DOA due to manufacturer.



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