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We serve our customers since 1995. Our staff is professional and experienced. Our mission is to offer you, in addition to our "regular" items, some unique products in very affordable prices.

We, at Firebird Systems, offer items that are application solutions rather than items that carry "brand names". Every item we sell is tested to meet our requirements. Many manufacturers modify their equipment to follow our recommendations.

All products are of the highest quality, and covered by the producer's warranty. After-sale service and technical support are available.

Firebird Systems is always in search for new application solutions to meet today's ever changing technologies. Visit us frequently to learn what's new.

Mailing Address: West Hills, CA 91308
Office Hours:
M-F 9:30am-4:30pm USA Pacific Time.
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For registration and follow-up purpose, all technical issues must be reported only by email.We are not responsible for unregistered verbal calls!
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