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  1. Use of this web site pages implies agreement to this web site Policies & Terms of Service.
  2. This Policy and Conditions of Sale automatically become binding indivisible entire sales contract governing all orders placed with Firebird systems, Inc. and/or
  3. All products, advertised or sold on this web site, are brand new and passed quality control. We do not carry refurbished products in our store.
  4. All sales are final, no refunds. Defective items will be replaced or repaired as we deem necessary. See our "Return Policy" below.
  5. We ship only to USA and Canadian billing addresses. If shipping to a "different Address" is requested, we require (on the order-form, next to buyer's billing address) more information for security reasons. If the security information requirement is not met, we reserve the right to automatically ship to the billing address.

Shipment Refuse: Receipient acceptance of driver delivered merchandise stands for a full authorization to the internet transaction.

Cancellations & Refusals: In the event of order cancellation, or if items ordered and shipped but refused, or in case of tech support refusal, buyer will incur 25% restocking and/or processing fees off the product value. S&H is non-returnable. The remain balance in favor of buyer will be redeemed in store credit.

Rush Orders: We do not accept time sensitive orders. All shipments are ground unless otherwise stated.

Price Adjustment: Shipped Items are not qualified for retroactive discounts campaigns posted on this website while the item is already in transit.

Unauthorized Re-routed Shipments: Buyers are not allowed to instract a carrier or transportation company to re-rout a shipment without our written permission. When permitted, buyer agree upon and authorize us to charge $10 on the credit card given in the order-form.

Unavailability: Buyer is responsible to verify product availability before placing an order. We reserve the right to ship an alternative product, equal to or better then the product originally ordered. Buyer is responsible to e-mail refusal notification within 7 days of exchange arrival. In that event a store credit will be issued in conjunction with our above "Cancellations & Refusals".

Special Orders:

  1. Special order items are products that are not regularly stocked and have longer than usual lead time. These items may be ordered at any time and will ship as soon as they come into stock.
  2. Special-ordered items are automatically processed and reserved for specific buyer therefore it can not be cancelled!
  3. All special orders require 100% deposit of funds therefore it will be charged in full at the time of ordering.
  4. No returns or refunds on special orders.

Return Authorization & Return Policy:

  1. Items having technical issues must be reported and have a case registration within 15 days of the initial shipping date as stipulated by the carrier in the shipping notification.
  2. All technical issues must be reported and registered by e-mail only.
  3. We shall evaluate the complaint, offer troubleshooting or, when necessary, will authorize return for inspection, repair or replacement.
  4. We authorize return by e-mail only. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) expire 10 days from date of issue.
  5. Authorized returns are subject to manufacturer's original packaging and all included packing materials, supporting trays or Styroform, the protecting external box, and/or other packing means, clean retail box in mint "as new" condition, original warranty card (not filled out) and all accessories supplied with the product by the manufacturer in mint "as new" condition. Literature must be clean of any personal notes and any hand writing. All labels and store or manufacturer stickers, including Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code. If the merchandise does not meet the above requirements we reserve the right to refuse the replacement or to charge the value of a missing or damaged part as well as the cost of original packaging replacement.
  6. We shall not accept responsibility for any lost shipments unless the RMA number is clearly printed on the shipping box and a tracking number with proof of delivery to our company is provided. Buyers required to only use UPS or FedEx to this location, recipient signature required.
  7. Buyer is responsible for ALL related shipping charges. Buyer is authorizing to charge the credit(s) card(s) on file for all shipping cost(s) of repaired or replaced products returned back to buyer.
  8. Open packages of items wrapped-sealed in clear Cellophane film or open packages of items packed in heat sealed "Displayer Packing" or "Bubble Box Packing" or one time "Disposable Packing" are non-returnable and not eligible for store credit or refund.
  9. Items claimed defective, and were authorized for return, but found in normal working condition after technician's inspection and testing will incur up to $50 fee. This fee is in addition to any other mentioned fees or non-refundable monies.
  10. Refused Inspected, repaired or replaced items incur 25% restocking fees on product price, S&H are non-returnable. The remain balance in favor of buyer will be redeemed in store credit.

Return & Warranty Void: Items that has been wrongly connected, subjected to abuse, misuse or domestic accidental damage, other then damage occurred during shipping, will not be accepted for return and will be shipped back to the customer at his/her expense.

Unauthorized Return:

  1. It is buyer's responsibility to obtain written Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) as described above!
  2. Unauthorized merchandise returns are usually refused and return on sender's cost. However, if we decide to accept the unauthorized return, for whatever reason it maybe, we shall charge up to 50% restocking fees, S&H are not refundable. The remain balance in favor of buyer will be redeemed in store credit.
  3. All returns are inspected upon receipt. We reserve the right to charge up to $50 inspection fee on all unauthorized returns.
  4. We shall also charge the full cost of missing or damaged accessories, original packing materials and literature or other items which are an integral part of the order package that left our warehouse. Please see full text
  5. The remain balance in favor of buyer will be calculated within 15 days after notifying owner the inspection results of the unauthorized return and will apply to customer account as store credit.

Manufacturers' Warranty & Service: We sell manufacturers' new merchandise. We are not a repair facility. All the items are covered by the manufacturers' warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If you have technical issue after the first 15 days, please contact the manufacturer's service center nearest to you. We will provide manufacturer's contact details upon e-mail request. Please be aware that unless otherwise stated all manufacturers require that the buyer will be responsible for ALL repair-replacement shipping charges. All questions related to installation, configuration, setup and operation of a product should be addressed to the manufacturer's technical support for best service.
Warranty and technical support for all the items sold on this website are given to the original buyer only and are non-transferable. Proof of purchase required.

Special Evaluation: Special evaluations with granted returns are subject to our Return Policy (clause 9): Re-stocking fees applied, S&H are not refundable. Time extended evaluations require special written authorization before product pickup or shipping.

Sales Taxes: The prevailing sales tax applies when shipping to California

Price Quotes: All price quotes are valid for 10 days unless otherwise stated.

Overseas Customs Duty, Brokerage & Other Taxes or Charges: It's buyer's responsibility to be aware of all import laws, and pay customs duty, customs brokerage and other tax or charges applicable in the country of destination. Check before you place an order.

Buyer agree, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to pay USA custom duty, custom brokerage and other tax or charges for authorized returns.

Disclaimer About Content & Liability: and its publishers will not be responsible for any inaccuracies, typographical errors or omissions found on this web site. We reserve the right to make product information and pricing changes without notice. Specifications, features and promotions about product found on this web site are obtained from the manufacturer and may be changed by the manufacturer without our knowledge at any time. Compliance with consumer eligibility rules required by the manufacturer to qualify for factory rebates or other similar promotional programs shall not be the responsibility of and and its publishers. Any consumer complaint or special compensation requests resulting from such promotional programs is between the purchaser and the manufacturer and shall not involve and its publishers. and its publishers assume no liability for the use of any information posted or for the use of any product described on this web site. For improvement purposes, the design and specifications of this unit are subject to change without prior notice. Pictures are for reference only. Products may differ slightly from images shown. and its publishers reserve the right to refuse its services or sales without any prior or post explanation.

Technical Standards & Laws All written or verbal information given by this web-site is for general orientation only. It is buyer's responsibility to ensure product compatibility with technical and operating standards, form of use (application), laws and regulations, in effect at the location and/or in the country in which the product is meant to be used. and its publishers will not held liable for this information. This information can be, but not limited to, in the form of product specification page, product application or instructions, banners, ads, paper letters, any electronic correspondence such as e-mail or news groups or fax, telephone conversation or pre-recorded messages and/or audio/video presentations on any media.

Third Party Carrier Liability: is using third party carrier (such as UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service or others) to ship products to its customers and has no control of the carrier's performance and environment of operation. and its publishers assume no liability in the event of arrival delay, shipping to wrong addresses or loss of product.

Disputes, Jurisdiction & Litigation: By submitting an online order buyer agrees that this store policy constitute the sale contract governing the order. Van Nuys, and Los Angeles County, California will be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes that arise from the order or this website.

In the event of unjustified dispute, including credit card disputes, buyer is undertaking to reimburse all expenses incurred by his/her dispute. Buyer agrees that the reimbursement will be charged to his/her credit card.
The transaction documents, as issued by and its publishers for customers' verbal or phone orders, constitute the customer's order documents. and its publishers, employees, managers and owners are not responsible for any verbally discussed special term, condition, purchase benefit, discount, cost evaluation, quote, or policy allegedly agreed, implied or promised. All agreements must be done in writing only.

Buyer is undertaking to reimburse all attorney's fees and related costs incurred by a law suit prevailed by, and/or its publishers, and/or employees, and/or managers, and/or owner/s.

Resellers & Installers: Commercial resellers and installers require our authorization to resell the products posted on this web site. Please contact our Customer Service to apply for the authorization.

Decline of Sale or Service: We reserve the right to refuse any service or transaction.

Logos & Trade Marks: Manufacturers' logos or trademarks are copyrighted by their respective owners.
Disclaimer: We provide generic product information. The indication that the product conform to any standard is informative only. Items offered in this online store carry our stock Part Number (p/n), also known as SKU number (SKU = stockkeeping unit, example: p/n ABC123...). These "short hand" convenient ID numbers should not to be misunderstood as Model Numbers of a Firebird brand.

Privacy Policy: See Privacy Policy


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  • Pictures are for reference only. Products may differ slightly from images shown.
  • Design and specifications of these units are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Items P/Ns are our stock identification part numbers also known as SKU. Do not confuse with model numbers.
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