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Cable TV Operators Compatibility:

All Cable TV Tuners & Receivers in our store require unscrambled, unencrypted Clear QAM channels and are compatible with the Clear QAM channels if provided by the following networks:*

  • Adams CATV
  • Allegiance Communications, LLC
  • Allen's TV Cable (e)
  • Americable International
  • Americable Intl. (5)
  • Armstrong Group of Co.
  • Arvig Communication Systems
  • Atlantic Broadband
  • AT&T (Uverse)
  • Bay Cable Management
  • BendBroadband
  • Blue Ridge Communications
  • Bresnan Communications
  • Bright House Networks, LLC
  • Broadstripe
  • Buckeye CableSystem
  • Buford Media Group, LLC
  • Cable America Corp
  • Cable Management Associates
  • CableOne
  • Cablevision Systems Corporation
  • Carson Communications d/b/a Rainbow Communications
  • Cass Cable TV
  • Charter Communications
  • Comcast Cable Communications
  • CommuniComm Services
  • Comporium Communications
  • Cox Communications
  • Eagle Communications
  • Galaxy Cable, Inc
  • Garden Valley Telephone Company
  • General Communication, Inc (GCI)
  • Grande Communications
  • Greene County Partners, Inc.
  • Hector Communications Corp
  • Insight Communications
  • Inter-Mountain Cable, Inc.
  • JetBroadband VA, LLC
  • K2 Communications, LLC
  • KLiP Interactive, LLC
  • Knology Holdings
  • LongView Communications
  • Massillon Cable TV, Inc
  • Mediacom Communications Corp.
  • MetroCast Cablevision
  • Midcontinent Communications
  • Mid-Hudson Cablevision
  • MidOcean Partners
  • NewWave Communications
  • Northland Communications Corporation
  • NPG Cable
  • Orange Broadband Holding Company, LLC
  • Patriot Media
  • Phoenix Cable Inc
  • Pine Tree Cablevision
  • Rapid Communications
  • RCN Corporation
  • Rocky Mountain Cable
  • Schurz Communications, Inc
  • Service Electric
  • Shenandoah Cable Television
  • Sjoberg's Cable TV
  • Suddenlink Communications (formerly Cebridge Connection)
  • Sunflower Broadband
  • Sweetwater Cable TV
  • T.V. Services Inc
  • Tele-Media Corporation
  • Time Warner Cable
  • US Cable Corporation
  • Uverse (AT&T)
  • Uvision, LLC
  • Verizon FIOS (With FIOS Optical Network Terminal)
  • Vista III Media LLC
  • WaveDivision Holdings, LLC
  • WEHCO Video, Inc.
  • WideOpenWest

    • - Because of Cable TV operators different national marketing plans, free unencrypted QAM channels line-up may be different between regions of the same operator. Potential buyers of Clear QAM tuners MUST first verify with their local Cable TV operator the availability of Clear QAM (unencrypted) channels in their specific location! Lack of Clear QAM service in certain areas does not mean tuner failure.



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