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Ultra HD Television 4K2K A/V Content Processing

P/N CP2E4KS - 12 HDMI 4K2K Video UP Or Down Scaler

Price: $199.00

(srp $239.99 You Save $40.99)

The HDMI 4K2K Scaler is designed to upscale a 1080p@24 Hz signal up to 4K2K (Ultra HD) or downscale a 4K2K signal down to 1080p@24 Hz. The device features a single HDMI input and two simultaneous HDMI outputs, a 'Bypass' output and a 'Scaled' output. The Bypass output will always bypass the original signal, while the Scaled output can be set to upscale to 4K2K, downscale to 1080p@24 Hz or to bypass without scaling. The HDMI 4K2K Scaler is an ideal solution for integrating a 4K2K source into a 1080p HD system or vice versa.
  • Supports HDMI signal upscaling from 1080p to 4K2K or downscaling from 4K2K to 1080p
  • Supports HD resolutions of 1080p@24/25/30 Hz
  • Supports 4K2K resolutions of 40962160p@24 Hz and 38402160p@24/25/30 Hz
  • Supports HDMI signal bypass
  • Simultaneous HDMI output
  • User friendly and simple to use
Inputs 1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x USB Mini B [1x SERVICE Propriety Data]
Outputs 2x HDMI [2x Uncompressed AV and Data]
PSU: 5V/2.6A
Dimensions 102mm [W] x 108mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 220g

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