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p/n DCT410 / DCT411 / DCT412 / DCT413


Will your part number (p/n) DCT410 tune to analog channels and show it on my TV?

The DCT410 is a DIGITAL TV tuner and will display clear Standard Digital (SD) or High Definition (HD) Digital channels. To view the old analog channels (that is the lower band, old channels 1-99) an ANALOG tuner is required.


Do I need my Cable operator's permission to connect the DCT410?

The DCT410 is a legitimate device. You don't need your Cable operator's permission to use it. The tuner will not interfere with the operator's system.


I pay for premium HDTV channels to watch CNN and other Cable networks. Can I watch CNN if I have the DCT410?

premium services (such as HBO, CNN, Showtime, Straz, Playboy etc.), "Pay Per View" and "Movies On Demand are encrypted and require special subscription (and additional payment to the basic service fee) to unlock the encryption. These channels can not be displayed by "Clear" QAM tuners such as our p/n DCT410. For more information about this topic please link to our "Cable QAM and 'Clear' QAM" page.


What is "Clear" QAM?

QAM is a digital transmission method used in Cable TV. "Clear" is a technical descriptive term indicating unencrypted channel.


Where can I find "Clear" QAM channels in my Cable service?

"Clear" QAM channels are available in the basic service plan provided by your Cable operator. Some Cable operators do not provide "Clear" (unencrypted) programs. All programs and channels, including local TV chanels, are encrypted. The only way to watch these programs is by using the Cable operator's box. It is highly recommended to check the type of service you have before purchasing any external TV tuner/receiver.


How many "Clear" QAM channels will be picked up by your p/n DCT410?

The number of unencrypted "Clear" channels available through the coaxial RF cable feed from your Cable operator is solely determined by the operator marketing policy in your area and may differ from one location to another.


Why some channels I see on my TV are not available through the DCT410?

Many TV sets produced before the digital transition that went into effect on Friday June 12, 2009 have a hybrid analog/digital tuner and pick up the analog channels that are still transmitted by the Cable operators simultaneously with the digital channels. These analog transmissions are gradually converted to digital and will disappear shortly. As said above, the DCT410 is a digital tuner and will not tune to analog channels.


Can I connect the p/n DCT410 to my old TV and projector that do not have HDMI input?

The p/n DCT410 is a perfect digital TV tuner for such application. By connecting your RF feed to the tuner it will tune in to digital unencrypted ("Clear") QAM channels in your basic Cable service and will output analog audio video signal from its Composite Video RCA jacks (yellow, red, white). It is the right solution for use with old analog TV sets or projectors.


Is the DCT410 designed for Cable TV reception only?

Yes! The DCT410 is working with Cable TV only. If you need Over The Air (OTA) TV receiver to get OTA ATSC digital transmissions available in your location through antenna you may want to look for our p/n's DCT210, DCT310 and DCT510.


I have a question but could not find the answer on this page. What shall I do?

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