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"Reception In Motion" - Superior Performance Free Live TV
at Vehicle Speed of Up To 230 km/h (143 mph)

P/N DMT9.4 Car TV Tuner   (High Speed Mobile Application In Car) shopping cart
Price: $129.99

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Your local TV stations may provide free over the air ATSC-M/H service for mobile receivers, but each time you watch them on your cell phone or tablet you pay the phone company unnecessary fee. You can avoid this fee by receiving the free programs directly through this mobile TV receiver.

100% performance guarantee if connected via required ATSC-M/H signal. Please contact your local TV stations to validate the ATSC-M/H service.

(Disclaimer: The existence of ATSC-M/H service in any specific given region is in the hands of the local broadcasters. is not responsible for the availability of such service.)


The DMT9.4 is a state-of-the-art Digital TV Tuner for car complient with USA ATSC-M/H standard for mobile vehicles, enabling you to enjoy your favorite TV program while on the move or stationed. With this unique car TV tuner, you can view the major TV channels (where ATSC-M/H service is available) by simply connecting the TV tuner to your current mobile video system. Using additional small (optional) device you can send your favorite programs to your Notebook, Tablet or iPhone.

The DMT9.4 is not a simple terrestrial receiver. It has a powerful Doppler Effect* (See explanation below) correcting feature to prevent lose of TV signal in moving cars. This problem is typical to many car TV tuners. Consequently these "regular" terrestrial ATSC tuners can be used only when the car is stopped. On the other hand: the DMT9.4 deliver excellent digital pictures while the car is moving. The correction mechanism is effective in car speed of up to 230 km/h (143 mph, about 125 Knots).

Why this tuner? Not every 12V low priced tuner is a real "Car TV Tuner": Most of them have a "regular" ATSC tuner and will work only while the car is stopped. There will be no reception as the car starts moving again because the tuner is not ATSC-M/H compliant.

External Mobile Car TV Tuners - Comparison Table

or P/N
Power Acoustik DTV-1 No
Farenheit DTV-MHU
Firebird Systems p/n DMT9.4

When you use the DMT9.4 Mobile CAR TV Tuner, you get the best ATSC-M/H reception a tuner can offer.

* What is Doppler Effect?

The Doppler effect (or Doppler shift), named after Austrian physicist Christian Doppler who proposed it in 1842 in Prague, is the change in frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to the source of the wave. It is commonly heard when a vehicle sounding a siren or horn approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer. The received frequency is higher (compared to the emitted frequency) during the approach, it is identical at the instant of passing by, and it is lower during the recession.

Where To Use? - In Cars, RVs, Trucks, Motorbikes, Trains, Boats...

Note: Reception is subject to availability of mobile TV service (ATSC-M/H), distance from the transmitters and terrain conditions.


  • Tunes and decodes all 18 approved Mobile ATSC-M/H (Advanced 8-VSB) DTV broadcast formats
  • Doppler Effect Correction upto 230 km/h (143mph, about 125 Knots [IAS])
  • Powerful program management functions: Support automatic search, manual search, fast search function
  • Support EPG
  • Delete the current existing programs through the program management menu
  • Settings like program, Program locking, Program classification, sort
  • Compatible with most areas in North America: Canada, Mexico, USAand other countries with NTIA certificate
  • Support English, French, Spanish multi-languages
  • Very compact in size

Easy To Install

The DMT9.4 Mobile TV Digital Receiver is easy to install. For your convenience, we provide a link to basic "Do It Yourself" information. However, we strongly suggest you contact a trusted installer if you do not have "Do It Yourself" experience.

The DMT9.4 Mobile TV Digital Receiver has an external IR sensor receiver enabling installation of tuner in a non visible compartment Click picture to see wiring.


  • Reception Frequency: 50-810MHz
  • Working Speed: Up To 230 km/h (143 mph)
  • Resolution format: 480i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 720i
  • Video: 3 video output (Composite video CVBS)
  • Audio: 1 audio output (Double track stereo output)
  • Reception sensitivity: 100dBm
  • Input impedance: 50O
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 186g
  • Dimension: 132*72*27mm

 Box Includes

  • P/N DMT9.4 Mobile Digital ATSC-M/H TV Tuner for Car
  • IR Remote Controller
  • IR Receiver Sensor with attached cable
  • Remote Controller
  • Power Cable
  • Composite A/V Cable
  • Dipole Amplified Antenna with cable
  • User Manual


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