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Digital TV Signal Pre-Amplifier

P/N APA7777 All Weather Signal Booster

Product: P/N APA7777 Digital TV Signal Pre-Amp.
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The p/n APA7777 television antenna booster (preamplifier) will amplify digital and HD signals received by your antenna. This antenna amplifier is a high gain, low noise preamplifier used for weak signal areas to allow a weak signal that is present at the antenna to be amplified to a viewable strength.

WARNING - The p/n APA7777 is recommended for professional installers only. This amplifier has a high gain output and can result in over amplification if not used in the appropriate scenario. Over amplification can cause issues with a television tuners ability to receive and display some or all channels. An ideal scenario for the p/n APA7777 is an application where ALL broadcasts towers are 80 miles, or more, from the broadcaster and a splitter is used to distribute to multiple televisions. Just one high power signal or broadcaster that is close in proximity can cause over amplification resulting in the loss of reception.

The p/n APA7777 is a high quality, high gain amplifier and is subject to misuse, less than 1% of the p/n APA7777's that are returned are actually defective.
We recommend the p/n APA7778 amplifier for consumers that do not have the ability to measure or calculate signal levels. In 98% of consumer applications, the p/n APA7778 is the best choice and will outperform every other professional grade amplifier on the market without having to worry about over driving strong signals.


Features & Specs

  • Single VHF/UHF input to a high quality, low noise figure broadband amplifier
  • Gain: 30 dB from 54 to 1000 MHz
  • Includes a switchable FM trap
  • Outdoor rated housing
  • Mast mounted amplification unit with indoor power supply which connects via coaxial cable
  • Preamplifier and its power supply can withstand up to 140 F temperatures
  • Power supply and power inserter is included
  • Output voltage is +15 VDC, UL listed
  • Impedance (Input and Output): 75 Ohm
  • Noise Figure (Typical): 2.8 dB
  • Connectors (Input and Output): Type "F"


In The Box

  • PreAmplifier p/n APA7777
  • Power Inserter
  • Power Supply
  • 6 ft Coaxial Cable Jumper
  • Hardware
  • Instruction Sheet
  • See Image


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FOOTNOTES: For improvement purposes, the design and specifications of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.

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