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Video Converters With HDMI Out (Up-Converters)

US5500 Universal PAL NTSC 2 Way Video Converter,Audio Video Format Converter Upscaler To HDMI or VGA

The US5500 is a universal A/V converter featuring multi input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA and HDMI, to HDMI or VGA. It is a Two Way video system converter: NTSC/PAL or PAL/NTSC, 8-Bit Deep Color and IP ControlHDMI or VGA to HDMI or VGA up-scaler, Universal compatibility: Works in all countries. Compatible with TV Cable Boxes, Satellite Recivers, DVD Players/Recorders with HDMI connection! Easy to install...
Component (YPBPR) RGB To HDMI Out
PC VGA/Audio To HDMI 1080p Out
PC VGA/Audio To HDMI 1080p Out
PROFESSIONAL Composite & S-Video To HDMI 720p / 1080p & Ultra eXtended Graphics Array (1600 x 1200px) Out
Composite S-Video & HDMI To HDMI 720p / 1080p Out


Video Converters With HDMI In (Down-Converters)

HDMI to Component Video & VGA Converter
HDMI In to Composite Video Out Down Converter

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